ISSOを香港の情報誌『飲食男女』にご掲載いただきました/ Appears on EAT&TRAVEL WEEKLY

香港情報誌『飲食男女』への掲載/ Appears on EAT&TRAVEL WEEKLY

食と旅をテーマにした香港の情報誌飲食男女 No.1408/3月2日号(出版:飲食男女周刊有限公司)の徳島・香川に焦点をあてた特集記事にて、徳島の「阿波藍」と藍染文化の紹介(P.52~P.53)として、「藍の館」とともに、ISSOもご紹介いただきました。


ISSO appears on a magazine EAT & TRAVEL WEEKLY no.1408 issued by EAT & TRAVEL WEEKLY Company Limited. in Hong Kong.

At this time, they focus on Tokushima Prefecture and Kagawa Prefecture (both in Shikoku). “Awa Ai (natural indigo in Tokushima)” and “Aizome (indigo dyeing)” are picked up as one of featured information from Tokushima part.

If you are interested, please check the magazine at store in Hong Kong.

kajimoto yudai
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